David Maxwell Biography

David Maxwell fell in love with books at an early age. Throughout his life, he jotted down story ideas and plot notes in his free time with the aspiration of someday becoming an author. After serving a full career in the Air Force and working for a period in the telecommunications industry, he dedicated himself to the pursuit of his lifelong passion. In January of 2016, when he published his first book, his dream became a reality.

David’s debut novel, Rebirth, received the  5-Star Seal from Readers’ Favorite. In his review, Charles Remington says:


5star-shiny-web“I found Rebirth engrossing, the plot elegantly revealing just enough to engage one’s curiosity, and deftly leading to the next shocking event or revelation. The computer reminded me very much of the HAL 9000 model in the film 2001 (based on Arthur C. Clarke’s book of the same name). It seemed to have the same calm convincing tones, but could it be trusted? David Maxwell presents a fascinating if somewhat frightening look at Artificial Intelligence and its interaction with the human variety, a subject currently much discussed in scientific circles as we approach the capability of creating the first thinking computers.”


His second novel, The Drift, released in August of 2016, also received the illustrious 5-Star Seal from Readers' Favorite. In his review, Lex Allen stated:



"The Drift is a strong, character driven, magnificent story that touches on several emotional themes and personal discoveries as the actors struggle within a dystopian world in which an advanced society's strategies for survival and rejuvenation of their dying world infringes upon and enslaves another. Mr. Maxwell is expert in building and defining his characters. Regardless of their place in the story - major or minor actor, protagonist or antagonist - he brings them to life with an unparalleled sense of verisimilitude. These actors are true to life and unforgettable." 


Profile Picture

David was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. A retired veteran of the United States Air Force, he held critical positions implementing, maintaining, and managing some of the world’s most leading edge technology. He served in Desert Storm and directly supported the War on Terror. At the pinnacle of his military career, he held the position of Network Security Manager for some of the most highly classified computer networks spanning the globe. He currently lives in Houston, Texas, where, after years of travel across the United States and abroad, he can finally be near family.


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