Praise for Rebirth

"Rebirth is a fantastic book that is thoughtful and well thought out. This book is a book that you don't want to put down, and a type of book that you want more of. David Maxwell was able to create a story that is unlike no other. I cannot believe I haven't heard of this book before. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something different and thought-provoking. This book if definitely one of my favorites."

- Stephanie, Goodreads 5-Star Review

"What can I say, this book was intelligent, engaging AND imaginative! Certainly worth reading, even if you are not a fan of this genre! Captivated from the very beginning, I was pulled right into the suspenseful plot and eager to know where the story would go. There was never a dull moment as this fast-paced book unfolded with unexpected circumstances and surprising twists. I definitely had a hard time putting it down! This is a fantastic book that I highly recommend!"

- Jennifer Bujarski, Goodreads 5-Star Review

Praise for The Drift

“The writing pulled me in and kept me on the edge of my seat. I felt every minute of the fear, hope, anguish, and joy the characters experienced as the story unfolded. The settings were vivid and the personalities colorful. One of the more interesting aspects to me was the notion that good and evil can be part of the same person and that situational challenges can create a very fine line between the two, at least in their own eyes. Stories within the story were compelling, particularly Holly’s and Jenny’s. I appreciated that this male author really captured the strength, intelligence, unique trials, and undeniable resilience of his female characters. Maddie’s “spit and vinegar” reminded me of my own grandmother and felt very real. Beyond the gripping action, suspenseful turns, and intense emotional journey, this is a fascinating and complex story with undertones and overtones of societal challenges we grapple with today. Enveloped in this exciting technological thriller, there are messages of tolerance, loyalty, equality, personal responsibility, and the common threads that bind us to our communities and our world. I’d love to see this one on the movie screen!”

- Janice Cronch, Goodreads 5-Star Review (excerpt)

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