I'm excited to announce that my Patreon profile is now live!
What is Patreon? In short, Patreon is a phenomenal website that connects lovers of art with the artists they love.
By becoming a “Patron,” a music (book, painting, movie, etc.) lover can directly support, on a recurring (monthly or by-creation) basis, the musicians (authors, painters, film producers, etc.) they love.
In return for your recurring support, something you can opt out of at any time, Patrons receive valuable rewards such as autographed copies of merchandise, exclusive content, access to original works, inside information on current projects, and much more.
Ultimately, by becoming a Patron, you help an artist continue to pursue their art by providing a sustainable income while reaping the benefits of a closer, more personal, and more rewarding relationship with them.
Donations, as a Patron, can be as little for most “Creators” as $1 per month, though most offer multiple tiers of potential contributions, each with their own tier-based rewards. You can also donate to as few or as many Creators as you want. Signing up for a Patron account is simple, but the impact it can have in supporting the artists you love is significant and long-lasting.
So, as an author who would very much like to keep creating, I ask that you visit my Patreon site today ( and consider becoming one of my cherished Patrons. While there, you might also consider looking through the other Creators who've discovered the value and community that Patreon affords. For instance, if you're a music lover, you might check out the Pentatonix page at
Thanks so much for reading. I look forward to our future relationship as Patron and Creator!



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