David Maxwell Goes to Vietnam

If you follow me on FaceBook or Twitter, then you already know I am planning to teach English abroad. This summer, I will be moving to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to complete TEFL/TESOL certification and begin teaching English to Vietnamese students while continuing my career as an author of science fiction thrillers.

In this blog, I will chronicle my journey in text, pictures and videos. Whether you are interested in teaching English abroad or simply following my adventures, you will find in these posts every challenge I face and every accomplishment I achieve.

Although I will not depart the United States until late July, I am already knee-deep in preparations. The amount of research and planning that goes into an endeavor of this sort can be mindbogglingly. My intent in sharing my own account is to demystify the process by detailing each step I take along the way.

So, I hope you find value in the posts that follow. From a general interest perspective, you will read details of my adventure, see descriptive pictures of my work and travel, and enjoy video accounts of the journey. From the perspective of someone interested in this career path, you will see every cost, every roadblock, every challenge faced along with the methods I employ in overcoming them all.

My blog will be unhampered by external influences. What I share will represent the reality. You’ll see both the good and the bad without censorship or embellishment. That said, I hope you enjoy my account of the journey as much as I enjoy the journey itself!

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