In the Works

When I discover an author whose book I thoroughly enjoy, I am always excited to learn what project or projects are in the works for them. This pre-release insight makes me feel somehow closer to the author and heightens my anticipation for the release of their next work.

My intent with the "In the Works" section section of this website is to offer similar insights to my readers, followers and fans. At any given time, I am typically working in various stages on multiple books. Here, I post a rough synopsis of my top three projects with greater details and progress notes available through the associated link. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section at the end of each detailed (linked) post. I take feedback to heart and appreciate your opinions.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts and encouragement.


At the end of David Maxwell's debut novel, Rebirth, Dr. Abigail Brennaman barely survives the climactic outcome. Most readers would think the ending conclusive with no opportunity for sequel. Most readers would be wrong.

In Reborn, the thrilling tale deftly picks up from where it so dramatically left off. Abi is once again being reintegrated into life on Eden, a starship designed to ensure the continuation of humanity. Her memories of what came before are distant and fragmented, some lost forever. Her duplicitous host, an artificial intelligence with a God complex, plans to get it right this time – she will be his.In this epic sequel, Abi is not alone in fighting for survival. Eden is not the only ship of its kind. With the rise of political unrest, religious extremism, and racial dissent, similar ships from around the world embarked upon the same mission. All were bound for the same destination, the nearest habitable planet – Tabula Rasa. One ship successfully made the journey.

Now, as Dr. Brennaman faces the challenges and revelations of life on Eden, the crew of Avalon fights for survival on Tabula Rasa. Through Maxwell's vibrant eyes, we discover the fantastic and foreboding new world. We follow Abigail's struggle to understand the impossible and Artimus' willful attempts at deception and control. When the new residents of Tabula Rasa discover Eden in the planet's orbit, with the ship's potential of both souls and supplies onboard, a recovery mission is launched and another thrilling chapter begins.

To say Reborn is an epic adventure would be an understatement. Reborn is a concerted and terrifying look at the future, a future where life on Earth is no longer possible, where the fate of humanity rests in a few select hands which are faced with a foe beyond our imaginations.

Painfully Aware

An adolescent boy makes a gruesome, and life-altering, discovery when he finds his friend and mentor, a 59-year-old computer engineer, dead in his home after an apparent suicide. After finding his friend's journal, he recognizes the incident for what it really is – murder.

The contents of the journal expose the exceptionally gifted boy to the development of technology that causes his hair to stand on end and makes him the next target. Guided by intuition and a strange gift that he does not yet understand, he goes on the run. Initially, his abrupt exodus is an attempt to protect himself and his family from the looming threat. Soon he, along with a gifted group of others, must confront and defeat the mysterious, otherworldly aggressors before they wipe humanity from the face of the Earth.

This face-paced, high-intensity thriller takes real-world emerging technologies to a terrifying place where everything we believe, everything we've been told comes into question and the fate of humanity lies in the hands of a few special children.

In Painfully Aware, David Maxwell explores the very core of purpose, masterfully delving into some of the most controversial and significant concepts of our time – religion, artificial intelligence, autism, and our reason for being. If you found Rebirth or The Drift to be thought provoking and original, prepare to be blown away in this latest thriller.


In 2039, a cataclysmic discovery is made. An asteroid with nearly half of the moon's mass is on a collision course with Earth. Immediately following the release of this disastrous news, global pandemonium ensues. Thus begins David Maxwell's science fiction thriller Cataclysm.

On first glance, you might think this book another end-of-the-world anthology – you'd be wrong in making that assumption. Cataclysm, though it does occasionally touch on premises we've seen before, is surprising and distinctly original.

The protagonist, Jim Hawthorne, is an EMT in New York City. Unlike multitudes around the world who receive the news with shock and horror and respond with willful abandonment, Jim continues to focus on each day as it comes. In every disastrous moment, he asks himself the thoughtful question, what can I do to help.

In an effort to save humanity from an ELE (Extinction Level Event), the governments of the world come together in forming international think tanks devoted to finding one of two solutions – global mass exodus or diversion/destruction of the asteroid. What ensues is not what you would expect. The real threat, as yet unidentified, does not surface until much later. When it does, everything changes.

Afterwards, Jim finds himself alone in a world torn, tattered and utterly without hope. Or is it?

David Maxwell's latest novel exposes the core of humanity, the innate drive to go on, the incessant need for connection and hope. In Cataclysm, you will be on the edge of your seat as you watch the world crumble around you. You'll experience first-hand the frailty of humanity, and you'll find hope and inspiration in one man's view of life and all the wonders it has to offer. This is one science fiction thriller not to be missed!

Author Advice

Pursuing my aspirations of becoming a successful author, I've learned many valuable lessons. Self-publishing my first two novels and working towards traditional publishing of my third, I've learned more about the industry as a whole than I could ever have imagined. What advances I have made thus far have been greatly influenced by accomplished authors who graciously took the time to share their own experiences and insights.

My intent with the “Author Advice” section of this website is to pay that favor forward by sharing my own lessons learned with fellow aspiring authors. My hope is that you might find answers in, or gain inspiration from, the articles I post. To complement and expand on their value to others, I encourage you to add your own related lessons learned, tips, or personal experiences in the comments section that follows each post. Also, please feel free to share any of these articles you believe may benefit your own community of friends and followers (social media link buttons are available at the end of each post).

Thanks in advance for reading and sharing. Best wishes in your own pursuits!