My Packing List for Vietnam

This is my personal plan for what I will take with me to teach English in Vietnam. In making the decisions, I conducted extensive research on the recommendations of others while taking into account issues such as weather conditions, portability, security, and weight. My overall goal is to bring no more than precisely what I will need.


Dry Backpack, Large Max: 50lbs, 62 inches total; checked luggage (non-critical items)
Dry Backpack, Medium Max: 15lbs, 20x15x10 inches; carry-on luggage (critical items)
Briefcase, Small For small electronics and critical documents


Laptop Loaded with all applications and website credentials I will need
External Storage Drives 4 TB and 2 TB containing all my files; 1 TB empty for new files
Kindle Fire HD Loaded with applications all applications and ebooks I will need
GSM/CDMA Phone Old cellphone that may be able to use local SIM card
iPhone Loaded with all contacts and apps; serves as backup and camera
Camera 20 MP digital camera for quality photos; small and handy
Chargers/Adapters For all electronics; Vietnam compatible power adapter plugs
Toolkit, Small Small screwdriver kit, scissors, needle-nose pliers, tape measure



Electric Razor Kit Prescription Medicines, 90-day supply
Razor with extra pack of blades OTC Medicines (Motrin, Tylenol, etc)
Two toothbrushes Small Toothache Medicine Kit
Dental Floss Sunscreen
Nail Clippers Small package of Band-Aids
Axe Body Spray, two-pack Contact Lenses, 180-day supply
Antiperspirant/Deodorant Contact Lens Solution, two-pack
Men’s Body Lotion Glasses (as backup)
Bar of favorite soap
Tube of favorite toothpaste
Small pack of Q-tips






Baseball Cap Rain Poncho Canvas Flip Flops
Sun Hat Windbreaker w/hood Leather, Reversible Sneakers



One Suit (for interviews and demo classes)





Dress (2) Dress (1) Dress, Long Sleeve (2)
Jeans (1) Casual (2) Dress, Short Sleeve (2)
Khaki (1) Cargo (1) T-Shirts, Short Sleeve (5)
Jogging (1) Swim Trunks (1) Light Sweater, Crew Neck (1)


Dress, Ankle (2) Athletic, Ankle (2)


Medical Educational Financial Travel


Current Passport Old Passport Driver’s License Military I.D.

I believe the items above should cover everything I will need, at least initially. Anything else I need, I expect to buy over there. Sometime in the next week or two, I will actually pack all the items in the luggage, weigh them to see if they are within the weight limits, and post an update.

If you have any suggestions from your own experience, please share by adding some comments.

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